Convergence at St. George Island

As I stood beneath the towering structure of the St. George Island bridge, the view from the Apalachicola side was nothing short of mesmerizing. The bridge soared high above me, its massive undercarriage creating a geometric marvel that twisted and faded into the distance. The street lights lined up like sentinels, gradually disappearing into the horizon.

To my left, the sky was a masterpiece, a gradient from dark to light that played against the horizon. Whispy clouds danced across the sky, resembling cotton candy gone wild. The water at my feet gently lapped against the shore, the small tidal waves creating a soothing rhythm. Seagrass poked through in places, adding texture to the scene.

Capturing this moment in black and white seemed the only way to do it justice, the contrasts and shadows enhancing the bridge’s stark beauty. It was a moment of stillness and awe, a perfect convergence of natural and man-made artistry.

darlene almeda