haiku first lines

Some may wonder why I take the time to create and maintain a page full of ‘first lines’ from the haiku I share; there are two reasons:

(1) I memorized a delightful poem when I was a child. Because I memorized it at such a young age, I could not remember its title or author, but I could recite the first line and most of the next five lines. When the internet came to be, I sometimes inputted the first line from memory into a search engine, hoping the poem would appear, and one day it did! Here it is, The Wind, by Robert Louis Stevenson. This beautiful poem has lived in my heart ever since childhood. Through this personal experience, I learned what the power of a poem’s first line can be.

(2) I do not want to repeat the exact lines in my haiku, so I visit this page occasionally when writing haiku, thus the reason they are ordered alphabetically.